14G,16G-25G 1-inch tubing length,Precision Blunt S.S. dispensing Tips 100PCS/item


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Specifications external diameter tubing length color lumens

14G        olives            1.55 mm      1.84 mm

15G         amber          1.37 mm      1.81 mm

16G           gray           1.32 mm      1.6 mm

18G          Green        0.84 mm     1.26 mm

20G         pink           0.6 mm       0.9 mm

21G          Purple       0.51 mm     0.8 mm

22G          Blue          0.41 mm     0.7 mm

23G         Orange      0.34 mm    0.62mm

25G         Red           0.25mm     0.5mm

27G  Transparent   0.21 mm    0.4mm

No glitches, polished, passivated stainless steel dispensing head and polypropylene Safetylock hub safe for barrel reservoir.

Plastic seat precision dispensing needles: TENSUN spiral plastic seat Seiko precision dispensing needles are all prepared, needle seat double helix locking swivel design and a large area, not only with a more secure and easier disassembly.