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Dispensering og posisjonering i fotovoltaiske silisium stang skjære

Dispensering og posisjonering i fotovoltaiske silisium stang skjære
(1) Requirements for positioning glue in silicone rod cutting. This adhesive is mainly used for fixing silicon wafer rods when cutting. It requires moderate viscosity, enkel betjening, easy-to-identify color, and fast curing. The bonding strength should satisfy the cutting process without degumming and deformation, and the plastic can be quickly degummed after the cutting is completed, and the performance of the adhesive is stable, the quality is reliable, and the high-quality slicing rate is not broken.
(2), the silicone rod cutting process mainly includes three steps of surface treatment and bonding, cutting and degumming.
Bonding: Firstly, the surface of the silicone rod and the bonding substrate are cleaned, and then the prepared adhesive is dispensed on the surface of the silica gel rod, and cured at room temperature for 1H.
Cutting: After the silicone rod is bonded and positioned, it is automatically cut according to the process requirements.
Degumming: After cutting, immerse the silica gel in 60 °C-80 °C hot water for 7-15min, express degumming.

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