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bomba de cola de poliuretano de um só componente de medição

Since the shape of the rubber coating of the windshield is relatively thick (triangle), the amount of glue used is relatively large. If the glue metering device is not used, it is difficult to ensure the stability of the shape of the glue in the automatic coating system, so the glue is automatically applied in the polyurethane glue. The system needs to be configured and calculated for the glue device. There are two basic forms of the glue meter for the glue.
1, the gear pump is metered for glue. The metering glue device adopts a servo motor through a reducer, and the coupling drives the gear metering pump to supply glue. The gear metering pump uniformly supplies glue to the meshing force of each gear, and controls the speed of the gear metering pump through the servo motor to perform glue flow. Real-time control.
2, plunger type metering pump for glue This glue uses plunger type metering glue. Its working principle is: firstly inject the glue into the plunger pump through the two-position three-way solenoid valve, then the two-position three-way solenoid valve switches to the column The plug cylinder is connected with the glue gun, and the glue in the plunger pump (sufficient for one working cycle) is extruded by hydraulic servo or by the servo to drive the ball screw, and the extrusion speed of the glue is controlled by the servo control and the robot.

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