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Bicomponente sistema di alimentazione serbatoio pressione dinamica statica due liquido

Two-component two-liquid static dynamic pressure tank supply system is one of the glue supply systems. The other is a one-component pressure tank supply system.
The single component is relatively simple, and the two-component two-liquid static dynamic pressure tank supply system is mainly introduced here.
Its working principle is that the base of the two-component glue and the curing agent are respectively loaded into the pressure tank, and are respectively pressed out from the respective pressure tanks. If the base material is relatively large, it is easy to mix the bubbles. The pressure tank is equipped with an automatic stirrer to stir the base material to facilitate its flow. If the curing agent is sensitive to moisture, the air inlet of the curing agent pressure tank is equipped with a dehumidifier or pressure. The tank is filled with nitrogen, and both components are supplied to their respective gear metering pumps (external gear pump and internal gear pump). The two gear pumps pass through their respective reducers and then a stepless speed changer. Connected to ensure that the ratio of the two components is steplessly adjusted. The driving force of the gear pump is a pneumatic motor. The pneumatic characteristics can be used to stop the glue immediately when the glue gun is closed.

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