FHIS-1919AB thimble style double liquid dispensing valve (with a MC series mixing tube)


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Two-cylinder double acting drive, top pin structure, flexible with a round mouth and bayonet static mixing tube, depending on the product size may be, using the occasion for automation AB glue, AB glue through a static mixing tube automatic mixing for accuracy requirements are not too high operating occasions, 2: 1 ratio of the following range adjustable.
Type type: double acting two-cylinder top pin
Working pressure: 4-7Kgf / cm
Operating viscosity: 1-1.000.000cps
Operating rate: <400 / min
The minimum discharge rate: 0.1mL / shot
Body material: Aluminum alloy (anodized)
Feeding port size: 1/8 “npt (f)
Flow adjustment: Yes
Dimensions: 40 * 30 (H) 170 (mm)
Weight: 240g.