FHIS-G30 large flow silicone dispensing valve cylinder glue tank suction valve is used in high viscosity glue



FHIS-G30 high flow silicone dispensing valve
Type: cylinder suction type
Working gas: 4-7Kgf / cm
The minimum discharge volume: 0.001ml
Operating viscosity: 1-1.000.000 cps
Operating speed: <600 / min
Main material: SUS 304 stainless steel + aluminum alloy
Feed port size: 1/4 “npt (f)
Feed pressure: <300 kg
Flow regulation None
Dimensions (mm): ¢ 30 * (H) 150 round
Weight 290g

Product Name and Specifications: Large flow cylinder back to the suction valve / silicone yellow plastic dispensing valve / pneumatic dispensing valve / dispensing accessories Manufacturers large flow cylinder back suction valve for poor mobility, high viscosity glue, Such as: grease, silicone, yellow plastic, bonding vinyl, epoxy glue, solder paste, etc., can be accessed by various types of needle mouth, can be used with any pressure tank connection, with the full dispenser assembly of several dispensing Valve at the same time dispensing operations, a large range
Increase yield.