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After PCB is dispensed glue curing equipment processing

After PCB is dispensed glue curing equipment processing
After dispensing on the PCB and placing the components, the glue should be cured as soon as possible. There are many curing methods, such as heat curing, photo curing, photothermal double curing and ultrasonic curing. Among them, photocuring is rarely used alone. Magnetic field curing is usually used for color sealing and curing agents. The most common curing methods are 2 kinds. .
Thermal curing can be divided into oven intermittent heat curing and infrared furnace continuous heat curing according to equipment conditions.
Drying of the oven means that a certain number of PCBs that have been dispensed and mounted are placed in batches on the rack, and then placed together in a constant temperature oven for curing. Usually, the temperature is set at 150 °C to prevent PCB and yuan. The device is damaged.
The curing time can be as long as 20-30min or less than 5min. The oven is equipped with a blower to create convection, avoiding temperature differences between the top and bottom, and keeping the temperature constant. The oven curing operation is simple and the investment cost is small, but the heat energy loss is large and the required time is long, which is not conducive to the production line flow operation.
Infrared oven curing, also known as tunnel curing, has become the most common curing method for dispensing. The equipment used is not only suitable for the curing of glue, but also for the reflow soldering of solder paste. Since the dispensing has a strong absorption capacity for specific infrared wavelengths, it takes only a short time to cure in the infrared furnace. The infrared furnace has high heat efficiency and is beneficial to the production line. The curing curve used in the infrared oven differs depending on the performance of the glue and the difference in the infrared furnace equipment.

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