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Needle tube packaging adhesive dispensing system for glue fluid

Needle tube packaging adhesive dispensing system for glue fluid, such as cyanoacrylate instant glue, one-component epoxy glue, UV glue, one-component silicone sealant, one-component polyurethane glue, and the like. There are also two components, such as two-component epoxy glue, two-component silicone, two-component polyurethane glue and the like. The syringe packaging adhesive dispensing system can be designed to be semi-automatic or fully automatic.
Single-package single-component low-viscosity glue liquid automatic glue water power source is compressed air, with a unique air pressure control system and high-speed solenoid valve system, capable of accurate and consistent dispensing control. Programmable control, debugging flow control, broken glue, back suction function, no dripping glue liquid. The single-package automatic dispensing system can be used in IC packages, LCD packages, and more.
The two-package two-component low-viscosity and single-package low-viscosity dispensing system is similar, except that the double-tube head is equipped with a static mixer, and the mixing principle of the static mixer is mechanically mixed using a long and narrow curved pipe. The two-component mixing is continuous, automatic, saves time, and does not need to be manpowered, safer and cleaner, and reduces the waste of glue, and the operation is clean and neat. Double-tube packaging automatic dispensing system can be used for electronic, electrical structural parts bonding, potting and other purposes.

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