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Photovoltaic silicone dispensing in aluminum frame

Photovoltaic silicone dispensing in aluminum frame
Aluminum frame bonding is the largest area for PV organic silicone dispensing.
The glass, the back plate and the aluminum frame are all bonded together by silicone, without any other auxiliary mechanical connection, and require outdoor use for more than 25 years.
The PV module bonding and sealing process mainly includes two main steps of dispensing and curing.
1, Dispensing: after according to the technical requirements to choose a good sealant, for large manufacturers generally use automatic dispensing equipment. For small-scale production, there are also manual dispensing.
2, Assembly and curing: after dispensing need to be assembled immediately, and then room temperature curing. And check to maintain a beautiful appearance, can not lack glue. In short, it is necessary to ensure the intrinsic quality of the caulking

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