Mixer System 3.2-16S 10:1 Mixing Nozzle for Adhesive


Interface: Two bayonets
Mixed Ratio: 10:1
Nozzle: Stepped shaped
Applicable Range: Two holes cartridge


Enhance your application precision with our 3.2-16S 10:1 mixing nozzle. This cutting-edge nozzle is designed for optimal mixing, ensuring accurate dispensing for a wide range of applications. The 10:1 ratio provides a perfect blend of efficiency and control, allowing you to achieve precise results in coating, painting, or dispensing tasks. Upgrade to the 3.2-16S 10:1 mixing nozzle and experience a new level of accuracy and consistency in your processes.

Mixing Ratio: 10:1
Material: PP, POM
Length:  77mm
Inner Diameter: 3.2mm
Outside Diameter: 4.8mm
Discharge Caliber: 1mm


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