Resin Static Mixer 5.3-16/F6-16 Mixing Nozzles for Duo Pack Epoxies Bayonet Square Green



Name: F6-16 (A green)

Length: 83mm
Inner Diameter: 5.3mm
Outside Diameter: 7.6mm
Section Number: 16
You can take the needle
PS: CAN BE MOUNTED WITH TIP (the package does not include the tip that appear in the picture, you need to buy the tip separately)
MA series hybrid mixing tube and square tube applications
Specifically for the 50ml and 37ml AB glue gun designed MA series and square bayonet mixing tube with lightweight A square bayonet connector, energy and AB cones tight junctions, the liquid from AB plastic tube into the mixing tube in tube flow do cutting restructuring movement which played a mixed role. This mixing tube may of course also be applied to any two-component liquid mixing machine, as long as the appropriate interface design.