Suction Single Dispensing Valve with Minute Adjustment


Structure: Sution type
Material: SUS 304 stainless steel+aluminum
Suitable for viscosity: Low viscosity – high viscosity


Suction fine adjustment dispensing valve can be divided into: suction single dispensing valve, suction double dispensing valve.

Type type: double action back suction
Working pressure: 4-7Kgf / cm
The minimum discharge rate: 0.01ml
Operating viscosity: 1-1.000.000cps
Operating rate: <300 / min
The main material: SUS 304 stainless steel + Aluminum
Feeding port size: 1/4 “npt (f)
Feeding pressure: <10 kg
Flow adjustment: Yes
Dimensions (mm):31 * 31 * (H) 140 Square
Weight: 450g

Pneumatic: Suction single dispensing valve from the cylinder body and the pot up and down three parts connected together, and the cylinder body with advanced sealing materials are separated to prevent intrusion of glue cylinder. Material cylinder and the cylinder is connected to the dispensing valve body and the cylinder to ensure concentricity. Solenoid valve pneumatic cylinder motion, thereby driving the center bar up and down, up and down movement using a central rod on and off to achieve the role of glue. Depending on and off manner, thus divided: a plunger-type dispensing valve, the top needle dispensing valve, dispensing valve lift, spray dispensing valve, jet dispensing valve; switch different way, fluid may also apply different, suction dispensing valve with upward movement off plastic structure, so stop gum at the same time instant suction off the plastic, reducing adhesive residue remaining on the needle, so that no leak drip dispensing, drawing and so on. Valve body by anodized aluminum, the sealing material using the latest PTFE material contact parts are corrosion-resistant materials colloid.

Features: Suction single dispensing valve, for illiquid, medium, low, high viscosity of the glue, such as: oil, silicone, epoxy, yellow glue, paste, etc., can be accessed by all kinds of needles out of the mouth, with any pressure tank connection, with several automatic dispenser assembly dispensing valve while dispensing operations, large-scale increase production, reduce production time and reduce consumption.

General common UV glue, silicon, EPOXY, red plastic, silver plastic, AB glue, COB vinyl, conductive plastic, aluminum heat cream, instant glue, hot melt adhesive using industry: optical, optoelectronic industry and biochemical industry photovoltaic solar industry SMD / SMT SMT semiconductor manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, LCD / LED LCD glass laboratory fixed and protection board mobile phone board packaging adhesive coating or button on the electronic components industry, the semiconductor package PCB electronic components dispensing dispensing speaker battery compartment dispensing closure steam combined mechanical car parts coated metal parts coating then quantitative gas, liquid filled coated chip.

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