Two-Component AB Glue Dispensing Valve Back Suction Double Cylinder Fine-Tune the Proportion of Adjustable out Glue Mouth Ratio 1:1



The suction-type dispensing valve adopts the upward movement to keep the glue structure, so that the rubber is stopped at the same time, and the residual glue on the remaining needle is reduced. The valve body is anodized by aluminum alloy, the sealing material adopts the latest tetrafluoroethane material, and the contact colloid part is corrosion-resistant material.

Can be equipped with a variety of different specifications of the static mixing tube, for AB
Two-component glue, medium plastic volume, the total amount of plastic adjustable, 1:1 and 1: 2 3: 1 4: 1 selectable, the ratio can be fine-tuned.
Broken plastic clean, no wire, no Dijiao, corrosion-resistant, use long life.

If you need which rates, please let us know!

1:1 and 1: 2 3: 1 4: 1 selectable, the ratio can be fine-tuned.

FHIS double liquid adjustable dispensing valve

Type reciprocating suction type
Working pressure of 4-7Kgf / cm
The minimum volume of 0.01ml
Operating viscosity 1-1.000.000cps
Operating rate <600 / min
The main material of aluminum alloy (sandblasting + anodized)
Inlet size 1 / 4npt (f)
Feeding pressure <30kg
Traffic regulation Yes
Size (mm): 35 * 50 * 150

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1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1