Triaxial Dispenser Is for Automatic Dispensing UV Glue Silicone


Triaxial Dispenser Features:
1. Triaxial dispenser with draw points, lines, polygons, arcs, circles and irregular curve continuous tween axis linkage function.
2. Triaxial dispenser is generation artificial specific dispensing operations, mechanized production
3. English keyboard, easy to understand, no external teach, debugger and more convenient than similar products, simple and convenient, high-speed precision.
4. The software has area array, pan rotation operation and other functions. App file by U disk upload / download, easy data management and preservation.
5 glue size thickness, coating speed, dispensing time, stop time Jieke parameter setting glue, a glue stable, missed Epoxy;
Triaxial Dispenser Use:
1. For fluid dispensing, such as: UV glue, AB glue, EPOXY (vinyl), white glue, EMI conductive plastic, Silicone, epoxy, instant glue, silver glue, red glue, paste, thermal grease, anti – paste, lacquer, screws, etc.
2. Suitable for: mobile phone, computer case, CD-ROM drive, printer ink ,, folders, PC boards, LCD, LED, DVD, digital cameras, switches, connectors, relays, radiators, semiconductors and other electronics, or SMT equipment fast connection point / glue, clocks, toys, medical equipment and other required liquid dispensing products.
3. Optional two trim plastic tube jig, headed simultaneous operation, multiplied improve work efficiency;
The process according to need, can be installed table positioning fixture, glue gun or floor heating temperature control device or other supporting equipment for the triaxial moving equipment.

Triaxial Dispenser Parameter
Processing Range:300/300/100mm
Maximum Load:8kg / 4kg
Moving Speed:0.1-800 / 350mm
Repeatability:+/- 0.01mm / Axis
Program Recording Mode:At least 100 in each group, each 4000points (supports uploading computer)
Display Method:Teach Pendant LCD
Motor System:Shinano
Mode of Operation:PTP & CP
Transfer Method:Timing
Motion function:3axis (3D three-dimensional space can be any line can be)
Edit mode:The teach pendant / PC I / O signals 8inputs / 8outputs
External Control Interface:Rs232
Input Power:Full voltage AC110V-220V 300V
Working Temperature:5-40 temperature

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