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Square MC06-24 Mixing Nozzle Instead of Round MC06-48 Mixing Nozzle

Mixing Nozzle Square 06-24

The mixing effect of the square mixing nozzle is 2 times that of the round mixing nozzle.
The square of MC06-24 mixing nozzle is divided into 4 parts. The round of MC06-48 mixing nozzle is divided into 2 parts.
As the liquid passes through, it is continuously divided and thus mixed.

For square MC06-24 mixing Nozzle and round MC06-48, their nozzle are appro 1.5mm.

Square MC06-24 mixing nozzle parameter:

Outside diameter: 7.6MM

Inner diameter: 5.3MM

Length: 127MM

Section number: 24

Glue caliber: 1.5MM

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