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UV-Curable Adhesive Equipment and Its Applications and Features

UV-Curable adhesive is a high value-added fine chemical widely used in the glass and jewelry industry, glass furniture, medical, electronics, electrical, optoelectronics, optical instruments, automotive.
UV-curable adhesives are known as third-generation acrylate adhesives (TGA). Compared with general adhesives, although UV adhesives are subject to certain restrictions, for example, UV curing equipment is required, the adherend must have light on one side, etc., but UV glue is still very advantageous. Features, it fully complies with the “3E” principle, namely energy saving, environmental protection, economy, it has the following irreplaceable advantages:
1, No need to mix single component system.
2, Curing fast, controllable, in seconds.
3, No dissolution, environmental protection, no pollution.
4, Suitable for highly automated processing.

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