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UV glue construction methods,precautions and some tool

UV glue construction methods,precautions and some tool

UV glue construction correct use method:

1. Ensure that the bonded surface is clean, clean, dry, free of grease, and flat.

2. Apply a suitable amount of UV shadowless glue on the surface of the adhered workpiece, then close it with another adhered workpiece and discharge possible air bubbles.

3, two sticky workpieces in the compact state, through a certain intensity of UV light or sunlight, so that the adhesive surface UV glue curing.

UV glue construction precautions:

1. The grease, moisture, impurities and flatness on the surface of the adhered workpiece will directly affect the bonding quality. Be sure to wipe dry and clean it to ensure that the bonding surface is flat.

2, rainy weather operation, be sure to ensure that the bonded workpiece is clean and dry, it is strongly recommended that the use of special glueless curing light for light curing, to ensure the quality of bonding.

3, in the bonding process, be sure to discharge possible bubbles; light curing process, to ensure that the sticky parts can be irradiated by UV lamp or sunlight, be sure to press the sticky workpiece, the thinner the adhesive layer, the more adhesive force it is good.

4. Before sticking the workpiece, do not move it under the UV lamp or sunshine to avoid whitening and affect the appearance. It is recommended to use the fixture.

5. The amount of UV radiation is very important for the curing of the UV adhesive, which is determined by the light intensity and the irradiation time. For UV shadowless adhesives, the use of special plastic curing light, the positioning time is usually within seconds, fully cured about 30 seconds or so; the use of sunlight exposure conditions, depending on the sunshine conditions, positioning time is usually within tens of seconds Full cure will require sufficient time.

6, for the remaining plastic affect the appearance of the product, you can accurately control the amount of glue to solve, or wipe the excess glue before light curing and then light curing.

7. Colored or thick glass will absorb ultraviolet or visible light, so that some of the band’s light can not pass through or be weakened, and affect the curing of UV shadowless glue, special glue (such as UV169) should be selected or confirmed through experiments. glue.

8. The service life of the UV lamp is usually 800-1000 hours. The intensity of the emitted UV light will become weaker and weaker as the use time increases. The new lamp should be replaced regularly.

9. UV shadowless adhesive belongs to industrial chemicals. Before curing with glue, please make protection and avoid direct skin contact. If you accidentally drop the skin, rinse it with plenty of water. For those who are allergic to skin, please Immediate medical treatment does not usually have an effect.

10. For more convenient use of UV, we can use some UV glue construction tools. Example: Manual UV glue cartridge kit.

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