AB Double Fluid Semiautomatic Dispenser for 50ml Cartridge


Rated Voltage: 110V/220V
Plug Type: American standard/European standard
Usage: 50ml AB cartridge
Time Setting: Dispensing duration


AB double fluid semiautomatic dispenser is mainly used glue: silicone, epoxy adhesive, sealant (high viscosity and low in flowability glue)

Main Applications: Sealed waterproof equipment, electronic ignition, high-frequency transformer filling plastic packaging, filling plastic charger, coil dispensing, IC chip sealant, LCD sealing glue, chassis bonding and other electronic products, optical devices processing, mechanical seal applications. Save between raw materials, reduce waste, improve production quality and work efficiency.

By: bonding, coating, sealing, filling, point-shaped coating, linear coating, potting

Product Features:
1, High-pressure air within the set time, using a foot switch or automatic launch of the liquid.
2, Bit by bit, interlocking, regular dispensing function; drip Epoxy is the direct trigger the foot switch, and by the time control dispensing volume accuracy; linkage is the closing time of the long foot pedals to control the dispensing time ; Epoxy timed trigger switch is controlled by time Epoxy
3, High-precision digital timing controller, precise control of each titration time, with millisecond precision, proper control of liquid feed flow rate, liquid waste materials will not be.
4, As long as regulate air pressure, time, and select the appropriate needles, then easily change the amount of each Note and the Note drop drop time. Epoxy solve many problems, the use of simple, fast and easy to operate,
5, Equipped with vacuum function, vacuum backflow prevention system; so that the liquid inside the syringe does not automatically drop out or retracted, can control the viscosity of different liquids, to prevent the leakage drop, high efficiency, a plastic consistency. Fatigue, no waste, widely used, the product is complete,
6, According to user needs, with different sizes of species syringes, needles are the best partner users.
index parameter:
Power Supply: AC 220V ± 10% / 50Hz Power consumption:
Air Source: Maximum 0.99MPa (clean dry air without lubrication)
Spit pressure adjustment range: 0.05MPa-0.7MPa
Spit time adjustment range: 0.01S – 30S, adjustable DIP switch portfolio,
More time mode function modes: manual mode / automatic mode vacuum function:
Spit frequency accuracy: ± 0.05% frequency: 600 beats / min
The minimum discharge rate: 0.01ml