Double Liquid AB Adhesive Dispenser Equipment with Dispensing Valve



Double Liquid AB Adhesive Dispenser Equipment with Dispensing Valve

The default dispensing valve ratio is 1:1 

If needed 2: 1,3: 1,4: 1,5: 1, please cotact us.

1. Stainless steel pressure tank, 304, surface finish can be directly used to glue down the barrel

2. Carbon steel pressure tank, the material is iron surface paint, which can be equipped with stainless steel barrel so easy to clean, paint and liquid does not directly contact can also put pressure on the plastic buckets bucket. If the plastic buckets you need to inform the customer of the actual size of plastic buckets, so you know how much pressure with the right barrel, plastic bucket was put into it, oh!

Second, a plastic machine size by volume of the plastic Category:

1. The large flow of 0.5 to 6 grams per second out of plastic,

2. Small flow per second glue 0.1-2 g,

(Reference above parameters can count epoxy glue concentration is not the same, the amount of glue will be different.)

Adjusting the proportion of 1: 1,2: 1,3: 1,4: 1,5: 1 or more need to add a pump Please indicate the proportion of your glue and glue viscosity before buying blending accuracy up to 5%

pressure bucket size selection: selectable according to the proportion of the same size as the glue pressure tank or pressure and a small barrel.

First, the device structure and working principle

Pressure Tank A / B installed separately in two different glue or a glue a curing agent, an external air pressure barrel, the barrel stove the glue by pressure hose to point out at the dispensing valve, controlled by a controller Dispensing when the valve is opened and closed, open the plastic, close the closed tube by mixing two kinds of glue glue mixture out on a plastic products even then.

Second, the technical parameters

. A power supply voltage: 220VAC / 1A;

. B Air pressure: 0 ~ 8kgf / cm2, it is recommended working pressure 4-5kgf / cm2;

. C Time control: 0.01s ~ 99h99m;

d mixing ratio of 1: 1-1: 5

e volume of the plastic flow of small type 0.1-2CC / S, a large flow type:. 0.5-6CC / S

. F operating modes: automatic, manual

Third, the installation and use

The device is delivered as easy transportation to prevent damage, split packaged device will be installed, the following are a bit part:

1, will remove the pressure on the barrel into the trachea, the hose, pressure control table, and ball valves.

2, it will remove the trachea, foot switch on the controller.

They are mounted on the lid: 1 safety valve, two plastic port, three exhaust valve, pressure regulator valve 4. Icon installed using good parts, loosen the nut on the lid to open the lid, the plastic into the barrel, and then covered with lid lock nut to close the “exhaust valve 3”, “4 pressure regulating valve,” then into the air, the size of the pressure can be used “pressure regulating valve 4” to adjust. Open the valve glue, glue along the hose out.

Note: The need to open the lid, you must close the inlet gas valve open after the exclusion of air to loosen the lock nut.

About cleaning AB glue dispenser: Usually a lot of customers choose the two-component epoxy dispenser is used to point with a curing agent, so to remind each customer again: After finish filling glue operation time interval long, be sure to promptly clean point valve, and be clean, otherwise, glue curing the valve block, and again when the next time, there will be dispensing valve clogging. Usually glue can be used alcohol cleaning dispense valves, etc. (according to the specific nature of the different selection of different glue cleaning agent)

AB glue dispenser Scope:

Two-component dispenser suitable for vinyl, paint, oil, paste, paste, ink, mud blocking oil SWT, red rubber, silicone, UV adhesive, chemical test economic, epoxy, yellow plastic, thermal paste , the speaker of plastic, wear rubber, plastic screws, electrolyte, magnetic fluid, flux, alcohol, markers, paint, water, silicone

Double liquid dispenser Suitable for:
Dispensing phone keypad, phone battery pack, notebook battery package, coil dispensing, PCB board sealed plastic binding, IC sealing glue, glue punctuate outside speakers, PDA sealant, LCD sealing compound, IC packaging, IC bonding machine bonding and other electronic case processing, optical device fabrication, mechanical seals and other applications